January 12, 2014

Sunday Spiel: Reading Slumps

Hey guys! Sorry I've been absent for the past two days or so. I've been having a bit of a reading/blogging slump, hence the discussion post today.

Before I get into this, I'd just like to say these are my opinions. I am in no way saying that you should have these opinions or that mine are correct. This is simply a post open to discussion, and you're free to share your opinions as well. :) I love hearing them!

The way I see it, there are a few reasons why you could get into a reading slump. The first and most common one is the result of having read an extremely good book. When I finish said book, I’m in this kind of daze. It was just so good, and I immediately want to read it over again. I may do that, or I might end up sitting around with nothing to do. Eventually, I go to pick up another book from my TBR pile. But I don’t want to read it, because it probably won’t be as good as that awesome book I just finished. So I don’t read at all, for a long time.

This kind of reading slump happens to me the most often. I read a good book and nothing else seems to live up to my expectations.

The next reading slump is the outcome of having read tons of books really fast. This doesn’t happen to me too often, but it’s occurred before. I read so many books that I get burned out really quickly, and don’t want to read anything else for a long time. Maybe I’ll go watch a movie instead. For some reason, that always sounds much more enticing than starting yet another novel.

Finally, reading slumps can occur because I’m too interested in something else to bother picking up a book. This is what’s happening to me right now, actually. I’ve been focused on writing for the past week or so, and not too interested in reading a book. 

I did buy two books today that I’m excited about reading, but I’m not sure if I’ll get into them anytime soon. Hopefully I will, though, so I can get into reading again!

What about you guys? How do you get out of reading slumps? Share your thoughts and ideas below!


  1. This is a great point. I've basically experienced all of the read-slumps you've just described. Haha. I've been trying to figure out how to balance my read/blogging and writing too so I until then, things are a bit unbalanced but I'm experimenting so I'm sure I'll find a solution someday. Maybe....

  2. I've definitely experienced both types of slumps that you're talking about...they suck. I also get the kind (probably the most often) where you're trying to read a book that you're really not into, and then you don't want to keep reading it, but you have to or you kind of want to, and then it seems like you're in a bad mood when you go to pick up other books because the not-so-great book rubbed off on everything. I don't know why that seems to happen to me, but it does and I hate it :/

  3. Oh, I feel for you! Reading slumps can be seriously annoying. I usually don't stop myself reading, though. I just keep going. I'm a bit systematic in that way, I guess. I get annoyed when I get on a roll and all I seem to do is give books 3 stars. I feel bad! But then that golden one will come along, and I'll remember why I'm in love with books. ;)

  4. I've been in a reading slump too. I've got a 4th reason for you - have been reading books that have just been meh lately, so I haven't been in the mood to read (*gasp*). Also I've got a little bit of #3 going on since we're getting ready to move. I finally started a book that I think I'm going to love and is going to get me out of my slump. But that might get me back into that loop with your reason #1. Eek.

  5. I often find myself in a book funk, usually after reading quite a few ordinary titles in a row. You lose the motivation to pick up another one. I felt the same leading up to the Christmas break, so decided to set down my book pile and picked up the 360 controller and went mad playing GTAV. It was exactly what I needed, a week of barely reading, a few new releases and I couldn't wait to get stuck into my to read pile again.