November 12, 2013

The Pentrals Release!

The Pentrals, a book I received as an ARC and LOVED, came out today! (Review here or here.) I figured I'd do a release post to celebrate. :)

About the Book
Title: The Pentrals
Author: Crystal Mack
Publisher: Apologue Entertainment
Pages: 246
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery

Picture your life without free will.  
No choice. No voice. No personal direction.  
For 17 years, it's the only path I've known. Always a follower, never in control, I am an afterthought, burying my impulses as I bend to the whims of another. I dream of someone taking notice-of falling in love and being kissed. But I probably never will.  
My name is Antares. I am a Shadow. 
Deep in a secluded canyon lies Talline, a metropolis of mirrors filled with forces called Pentrals that outline our very existence. Antares, Pentral Class Two, took an oath to act without influence—to echo without opinion. But in a cruel twist of fate, she must watch as Violet, her person, encounters a tragedy that will change both their lives forever. When Violet starts making careless choices, Antares can no longer remain a silent silhouette. She won’t allow lost friendships, broken hearts, or those mysterious menaces looking out from the glass to tear apart Violet’s very being. In doing so, Antares unknowingly crosses forbidden boundaries and ends up illuminating a darkness much deeper than her own.

About Crystal Mack

Hi, my name is Crystal. I'm a California native who has been braving Chicago winters after twenty-plus years. I married my high school sweetheart, and along with our curly-haired daughter, we spend our days riding bikes, eating deep dish pizza, and cleaning up drool puddles left by our bulldog Eleanor. 
I hand-write all my stories (always with a Uni Ball fine point pen-- no exceptions!), a habit carried over from first grade. Hats and jewelry are my kryptonite and I am always planning my next trip to Disneyland. 
I'd love to learn more about you! Come out of the shadows and say hello through Twitter, Tumblr, or a direct message.

I suggest checking out The Pentrals - it's such a unique book and I really enjoyed it! 

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