November 8, 2013

Let's Talk: Covers

Let's Talk is a weekly feature hosted by I Swim For Oceans. It's a discussion post with questions or prompts that have to do with books and reading (what else?). :)

What cover trend would you like to see continued in the coming year? Is there anything you hope is discontinued in 2014?

There are two main trends I've noticed this year, and I have mixed feelings about both of them. The first trend I've seen is the whole girls-in-dresses thing. For example:

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just that half the time the girls in the books aren't even in dresses. It just looks pretty. And I feel like it's getting worn out and somewhat old. There are much cooler things you can do with a cover. I promise.

The second trend I've seen is the close-ups of faces. Like so:

I don't mind this one as much as I mind the whole dresses ordeal. Yes, it gets old, but in this case it's not as bothersome. Personally, I find these covers much prettier and sometimes even more creative than the ones with the girls in dresses, though it would seem like this would be the opposite. 

One trend I absolutely adore are the underwater covers. I can never get enough of them.

No matter how unrelated they are to the story (though a lot of times they are related), I still love them. They're just so beautiful!

That's all for today. I'm still on task for NaNoWriMo, which is why I'm not reading as much. I miss it, and can't wait to dive into my to-read list again!


  1. I love the underwater covers, too! I don't mind the girls-in-dresses ones that much, but the up close faces is definitely starting to get a little old.

  2. Underwater covers speak to my soul! I wish there were more of them. I also wish that ALL books with girls in pretty dresses were relevant. If they had something to do with the story, I could deal with it far better, you know?

    Thanks for linking up, doll! :)

  3. I love the underwater covers too! They are so artsy and I think that is what gets me the most. I think I love the books that have covers relevant to the story the most.