November 1, 2013

Let's Talk: Author's I'll Always Read

Let's Talk is a weekly feature hosted by I Swim For Oceans. It's a discussion post with questions or prompts that have to do with books and reading (what else?). :)

Do you ever read books simply because they're from an author you love, rather than because of the book itself?

Of course.

Oops. Is that a bad thing? I hope not, though even if it were I would still continue to do it.

Examples of authors I will always do this for are John Green, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Dessen, Rainbow Rowell, and Morgan Matson, though I could add many more. I don't know what it is about these authors, or how they do it, but everything they write ends up being nearly flawless.

John Green's a given. His writing is deep, beautiful, and simple all at once, if that's even possible. I love the world Cassandra Clare has created with the Shadowhunters, and though the characters can get on my nerves I still enjoy reading about them. 

Sarah Dessen's books are the best contemporary novels I've read. I know many book bloggers don't enjoy contemporary, and I find that sad - sometimes the dystopian/action type of writing grows to heavy, and I need something light and fluffy to read. That's when I go for Sarah Dessen or Rainbow Rowell. I would say Morgan Matson, because her books are contemporary, but I can't exactly call them light. They make me cry my eyes out. That's not fluffy, but it is meaningful, so it's great when I'm in the mood for that kin dof thing.

Either way, I'll read anything any of these authors write. They've made such an impression on me, and I wouldn't miss one of their books for the world.

Today's post is pretty short, mainly because of NaNoWriMo. Just as a warning, I'll be posting less and reading less for the entire month of November, because most of my energy will go towards writing instead. 

Any authors you'll always read? Have I mentioned any authors you like too? Share your thoughts!


  1. I definitely have authors that I'll always read no matter what. I mean, yeah, sometimes I get disappointed because I just assume I'll love everything they write and that's not always the case, but I really do love to support my favorite authors. I will read anything by Sarah Dessen, Morgan Matson, Leila Sales, Amy Reed, and John Green (though I'm a bit iffy on him right now). There are just some authors whose style of writing I love so much and I'm willing to read anything by them.

  2. Yes I definitely do this with some authors, but not as much as I used to. Lately it's more that I've been finding authors that I want to read everything they've written, but don't have time to actually do it!