September 8, 2013

Super Six Sunday #4

Super Six Sunday is a book meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms

The topic for this week is most original world building! This is an awesome topic--so many to choose from.

1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor - I'm reading this (well, Days of Blood and Starlight, the sequel) right now, and I'm still awed by the creatures and world in the books. In all honesty, it's gorgeous.

2. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare - Sort of a given, this story world is beautifully developed. Shadowhunters, iratzes, Silent Brothers, Iron Sisters, etc. It's all so intriguing.

3. Divergent by Veronica Roth - The idea of the factions, the revolution and trains and Choosing Ceremony...I wish I could come up with something that amazing. :)

4. Maximum Ride by James Patterson - I loved the idea of the half-human, half-bird kids, and everyone the flock was so fun and loveable. The books were fast-paced and I blazed right through them.

5. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl - The world of the Casters, Light and Dark, had me in love with these books all the way through the series. 

6. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Though I've only read the first book, I can't deny how developed this world is, and how much time Suzanne Collins must have spent working on it.

Do you agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts!


  1. Oh of course beautiful creatures is amazing !!' Totally forgot these;-)) and Divergent is definitely my favorite dystopian series.
    I totally need to check this James Patterson series I've only ever read his adult books but kids that are half birds sounds incredibly !!!

    1. I loved it, too! I would definitely recommend the Maximum Ride series. :)

  2. Divergent is a good one along with The Hunger Games. Great list!

    1. They're both awesome books. :) Thank you!

  3. You've only read the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy? YOU NEED TO READ ALL OF THEM!!!! They are some of my favorite books! SO GOOD. I definitely love the world building in Divergent with the factions. Like you said, I wish I could come up with something that awesome. Great picks!

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick

    1. I know, I know! *cowers* But if it helps any I caved and bought Catching Fire yesterday. :)

      I love Divergent, too! Thanks!