July 28, 2013

Super Six Sunday #1

Super Six Sunday is a book meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms

This week the prompt is Super Six Bookish Kick-Ass Heroines! There are so many I can think of, but I'm being limited to six. :)

Harry Potter Series
She's a smart, quick-witted, cunning girl who's the star of my favorite book series. What's not to love? Harry and Ron would have gotten nowhere without her, and she stuck by their side throughout all seven books. She's definitely not sensitive, and contributes a tough love towards the two boys--and, eventually, love for Ron--that the series would be lost without.

Mortal Instruments
Clary is definitely up there on the list. She takes the fact that she's a Shadowhunter in stride, and knows exactly what she's doing. Despite the fact that she's at a disadvantage, Clary is tough and eventually figures everything out. She also knows who she is--there's never a question about what side she's on or where she stands.

Delirium Trilogy
It's true that she's not exactly the weapon type of girl, but Lena is one persuasive girl. She has good ideas and is good at communicating them to the rest of her friends. Though she doesn't quite know where she stands--who does in a love triangle?--she makes what I think is a good choice in the end.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy
Karou is not afraid to get what she wants, and will stop at nothing to retrieve it. She is a fast and excellent fighter, and has a deep love for her friends and family. I've only read the first one in this series but am anxious to get to the second.

Maximum Ride Series
Max is a natural born leader. She easily plays mother to Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel, and yet still manages to fight off all of the challenges thrown her way. I love the fact that her leadership does not ruin the relationships she has with her friends and family.

Shatter Me Trilogy
Juliette knows how strong she is with her lethal touch, but doesn't use it to manipulate anyone she loves. She is strong, hard-working, and loving, even though she herself is a weapon. I'm anxiously awaiting the final book and hope she makes the right choices. (*whispers* Team Adam!)

I'll (hopefully) be posting a review for The Book of Broken Hearts soon! :)


  1. Thank you so much for joining:))
    And I especially love this topic today and I honestly had a hard time chosing!

    I love that you added Hermione - I think she's the perfect combination of smart and kick ass! She can do anything and I just love her!

    Juliet is a perfect pick for me too. She has so much to offer and doesn't even see how strong she really is! and ..yep totally Team Adam too!!!! :))

    I have yet to read the Maximum Ride series. but just the fact that you added her to your list makes me want to read it !!

    1. You're welcome! :)

      I love her so much, too. The Harry Potter books were the books that got me into reading, and I just adore them.

      I agree. Team Adam all the way!

      I would definitely recommend them. :) They're quick reads and so, so good.

  2. Oh some great picks there!! I LOVE Karou! That is my current favorite book!!
    Hoping she and Akiva can work things out. (fingers crossed for an HEA)

    I love Juliette (and team Adam as well) and Hermione! Haven't read the others yet, but I am getting ready to start TMI before the movie comes out.

    Great choices!!

    1. Thanks! I do, too. The writing is SO good. I'm hoping to get around to reading Days of Blood and Starlight soon. :)